Grandimpianti EB G400DRY

Industri tørretumblere i kapacitets varianter fra 10 - 15 - 41 kg

Linen tumble dryers that give value to your garments

Our state-of-the-art EB dryers have been developed to allow the perfect tumble drying, which preserves intact the natural properties and softness of fabrics. So, these automatic dryers are characterized by advanced technology, robustness and simplicity. They are available with different heating sources: steam, gas or electric.

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Tekniske specifikationer

Egenskab EB10 EB15 EB41
Produkt Navn Grandimpianti EB 10 Grandimpianti EB 15 Grandimpianti EB 41
Netto Vægt 111 kg 134 kg 355 kg
Lågeåbning 612 mm 612 mm 612 mm
Bredde 79,5 cm 79,5 cm 114 cm
Dybde 75 cm 97 cm 139 cm
Højde 129 cm 129 cm 183,5 cm
Kapacitet fyldningsforhold 1:20 10 kg 15 kg 41 kg
Tromle volumen (dm3) 200 300 830
Støjniveau (dB) <54 dB <54 dB <64 dB
Betalingssystem Alle typer eksterne systemer Alle typer eksterne systemer Alle typer eksterne systemer